How far will Republicans go to push whatever they want through the legislative branch?

The clear answer — as far as they can.

Democrats this week attempted to block two of Donald Trump’s controversial cabinet appointments by boycotting Senate Finance Committee hearings. The senate can’t vote to confirm Steven Mnuchin and Tom Price to lead the Treasury and Department of Health and Human Services without approval from that committee. And the committee can’t vote without at least one Democrat on the roll call.

Except now it can. That’s because Republicans on the committee took the highly unsual step of changing their own rules, allowing themselves to vote without any opposition.

Remember the past eight years, when the GOP congress used every trick in the book to obstruct President Barack Obama? Apparently, the GOP doesn’t believe that turnabout is fair play.

Checks and balances are so silly.

No, our founding fathers didn’t think that, hence why they built numerous checks and balances into our political system. But congressional Republicans certainly seem to think so.

Yes, that happened.