11Harming access to women’s healthcare all over the world

Did you know that heading into 2017, the United States was the world’s largest provider of family-planning services? Well, that’s changing. One of Trump’s first actions as president was not just defunding Planned Parenthood, but revoking funding for nonprofits all over the world that dare to even share information about abortions.

It’s no secret that conservative voters tend to dislike abortion — religion and conservatism are deeply intertwined. And Planned Parenthood is a popular bulls-eye for conservative angst, despite the fact that no federal funding goes toward the organization’s abortion services.

But who really wanted to deprive women in poor countries around the world of vital healthcare funding? Worse, global healthcare officials say these losses of funding will end up resulting in more unplanned pregnancies and abortions. That’s definitely not what religious Trump voters want.