Who knew Donald Trump had a little Tobias in him?

If you’ve never seen the Fox comedy “Arrested Development,” then you may be unfamiliar with the character Tobias Funke. Played by actor David Cross, Tobias is a married therapist who yearns to be a actor while appearing to struggle with his sexual identity. He’s also oblivious to how his ongoing identity crisis results in repeatedly unfortunate mouth-filter issues.

Turns out, Donald Trump might have a bit of Tobias inside of him. On Feb. 8, as The Donald reflected on an ongoing federal court case over his partial immigration ban, he posted this on Twitter:


Easy D?

Clearly, Trump wouldn’t know the common meaning of “Easy D” if it slapped him in the face. But hordes of eager Twitter users quickly jumped on it.

Trump might not be satisfied by how the courts rule on his immigration ban. And it’s a highly controversial issue. But nobody should stand between Trump and his quest for some Easy D.