Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock, Inc.

The dominos are falling.

Triggered by the sudden resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, we’re seeing the beginnings of what could be the biggest political scandal of our time. Imagine, a presidential candidate colluding with the Russians to take down his liberal opponent. This could lead to impeachment. This could mean jail. This could be trea–

Hey, wait a minute!

President Donald Trump, neck-deep in his rapidly snowballing scandal, reacted by announcing a Friday night rally with supporters in Orlando. Because that’s what you do when your legitimacy hangs in the balance.

But what is this rally going to be about? To clear the air about what happened during the election? To defend Flynn, who resigned after lying to Pence about his communications with Russia?

To say goodbye to his supporters?

Thankfully, we don’t have to guess. Here’s a graphic Trump tweeted with his announcement.

So… he’s going to hold a rally about Americans going back to work… on a Friday night? Isn’t that kind of lame?

“We are going to put people before government.”

What does that mean in the context of America going back to work? Are Americans not allowed to work right now, but the government is?

Anyway, this is America today. And yes, this happened. Our commander-in-chief is in full-on squirrel mode as a colossal scandal rains down upon him. Let’s hope he buries a few acorns — he might need them later.