Donald J. Trump is a man who believes in things — himself, his own greatness and the greatness of anyone (or any large thing) with the Trump name on it — but he also believes in crowds. And not just crowds, but big crowds, tremendous crowds THE BEST crowds! It’s why he kept holding campaign rallies during his first month as president.

But it’s that big crowd that got away that really gets his goat.

Trump wanted his inauguration crowd to be the biggest and bestest — and in his mind, it was! He estimated 1.5 million people at the national mall, the biggest of inaugural crowds ever! EVER! Definitely bigger than Obama’s crowds, and much bigger than the pesky “Woman’s March” crowd that gathered the next day!

However, when people (who were there) questioned Trump’s claims, he demanded their heads. When told he couldn’t have their heads (as they were still using them), he ordered the National Park Service to show just how beloved (and huge) President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration was. The National Park Service doesn’t issue estimates of crowd size (a lose/lose situation) but they take lots of pictures. Lots of pictures. It’s a thing. Trump and his staff claimed these pictures would vindicate their claims which they made over, over, and over again. They would use these pictures to shut up the naysaying Obama-loving media once and for all.

He’d show them. He’d show everyone!

Well, the White House got its photos — and then fell silent about the images. Trump kept making his claims, but suddenly he wasn’t too eager to throw those crowd pics in the media’s faces. And now we know why. On Monday, the National Park Service responded to a Freedom of Information Act request by The Washington Post and other media organizations and released Trump’s “gotcha” photos:


On the left: Obama’s crowds in 2009. Pretty good for a new kid! On the right (pun intended) is Trump’s crowd. They had the decency not to show up in nearly as great a number. Either that, or they were all wearing white hats.

Trump’s Inauguration. Look at all that white! (Pun intended!) Are those folks just saving space for their friends?

The Trump supporters are again being kind, this time to the photographers who are better able to pick out individuals instead of big gobs of masses like in 2009. Thanks, Trumpers!

Still plenty of space! Come on down!

In Trump’s defense, maybe some of the women there were pregnant and counted as two. Still, not a million and a half. Trump ordered these pics in hopes of finding a “gotcha” moment; instead, he just got shown up (again) by President Obama.

Thanks, Obama!