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Earlier this week, Trump unveiled his proposed budget plan, and the details made a lot of people uncomfortable, to say the least. With increased military spending (which was expected) along with drastic cuts to many state and federal programs, the new budget is certain to leave a lot of people in the dust.

Which begs the question: Who really loses in Trump’s budget cuts?

Well, a lot of Trump voters, for one.

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According to Pew Research Center:

“Trump’s margin among whites without a college degree is the largest among any candidate in exit polls since 1980. Two-thirds (67%) of non-college whites backed Trump, compared with just 28% who supported Clinton, resulting in a 39-point advantage for Trump among this group.”

In other words, the white, working class overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for president, and they are also among the very people that will be most directly affected by Trump’s proposed budget plan.

Why? In Trump’s plan, funding is drastically cut for health and human services programs, like free and reduced-price lunches and after school programs for kids, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and even Meals on Wheels. The very services often used by many working-class people.

Trump’s proposed budget also cuts funding to important agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (reduced 31 percent), and slashes education-related funding by 14 percent.

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And, while yes, these budget cuts will likely hit low-income minorities the hardest, the white, working-class that overwhelmingly voted for Trump will also be hit pretty hard and feel the effects of these budget cuts.

Are you angry yet, Trump voters? Because you should be.